Welcome to the El Dorado, the grandest luxury space cruiser in the Core! Our current cruise starts from Bellerophon, making its way through the dazzling Georgia system past Boros, Ares, Athens and Whitefall to the magnificent Angel Hair Comet. The Comet will be passing closer to the Georgia system than it has in over 200 years, and the views of it from the promenade of the El Dorado will be memories to last a lifetime. Our return trip takes us past Shadow and Hera, during which the alignment of the ship with Shadow and the Georgia system sun will create the illusion of a solar eclipse. See the stars in style: Fly El Dorado!

There’s only the tiniest chance you’ll get involved in a murder.

Useful resources not on this site:
The Firefly Wiki! Full of facts about our game world.
There used to be a website for the Serenity RPG. I think it’s gone now. The link sure doesn’t lead anywhere that makes sense.


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