Hoyt Thunderfunk

Head of security for the El Dorado.



Agility: D4
Strength: D6
Vitality: D6
Alertness: D8
Intelligence: D10
Willpower: D8

Life Points: 14
Initiative: D4 + D8


Trustworthy Gut (Major Asset): Hoyt’s learned over the years that his instincts sometimes know more than he does. He gains a +2 step Attribute bonus to any mental Attribute roll when he is relying on intuition. In addition, he can spend 1 Plot Point to ask the GM a specific yes-or-no question about a hunch— for example, “Do I get the sense that this guy is telling me the whole truth?” Each follow-up question costs one more Plot Point than the last, and the GM may cut off questioning after a certain point.

Wears a Badge (Minor Asset): Hoyt’s status as head of ship security grants him access to nearly all parts of the vessel and affords him a measure of respect— at least on board the El Dorado. He gains a +2 Step Skill bonus to all Influence-based actions when dealing with someone who respects his authority (i.e., security staff and most El Dorado passengers).

Chip on the Shoulder (Major Complication): Ever since Unification, life’s been tough for Hoyt. The war itself put him through more than he deserved, and nobody on his fiercely Independence-minded homeworld could overlook his support for Unification after the war ended. Verbena offered him few opportunities for employment and fewer friendly faces. He turned his back on the world that raised him and headed out to the stars with a powerful anger in his heart, and that anger smolders in him still. He can’t walk away from an insult or taunt. Hoyt suffers a -2 step Skill penalty to all peaceable social actions with even a hint of tension.

Crude (Minor Complication) Hoyt Motherfuckin’ Thunderfunk says whatever the fuck he pleases to whomever the fuck he wants. He suffers a -2 step Skill penalty on Influence-based actions whenever civilized social behavior is called for.


Perception: D6
– Investigation: D12
– Deduction: D10
Guns: D8
– Sonic Rifle: D10
Covert: D4
– Stealth: D6
Discipline: D4
– Intimidation: D8
– Interrogation: D12
Melee Weapon Combat: D6
Unarmed Combat: D4
– Brawling: D8


Hoyt Thunderfunk

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