Jessica Yang

Daughter of politician Michael Yang.



Agility: D12
Strength: D4
Vitality: D2
Alertness: D6
Intelligence: D10
Willpower: D6

Life Points: 8
Initiative: D12 + D6


Good Name (Minor Asset): Jessica enjoys some benefits of the Yang family name. Despite the complications of being a politician’s daughter, increased media exposure means that most people who meet her already believe her to be the polite, hardworking student her father makes her out to be in his interviews. She gains a +2 step Skill bonus in any social interaction with someone who supports her father’s platform.

Highly Educated (Minor Asset): The school systems on Osiris are some of the best, thanks in part to Michael Yang’s Parliamentary efforts to improve funding and raise teacher qualifications in his district. Jessica’s years of extracurricular activities and private tutors have paid off: she gains a +2 step Attribute bonus to Intelligence for any Knowledge roll when she tries to recall information.

Reader (Minor Asset): Jessica has only recently come to understand that her intuition about the feelings and motives of others is more than dumb luck. She has the unique ability to sense when the words in someone’s head differ from the ones on their lips. She gains a +2 step Attribute bonus to Alertness whenever trying to discern the truth from a lie— though she cannot hear the specific thoughts of others.

Illness (Major Complication): Since her youth, Jessica has suffered from a rare, chronic form of anemia. She is able to lead a relatively normal life thanks to the dietary supplements, regular checkups, and periodic treatments prescribed by Dr. Stanford, but she still has occasional blackouts or weakness in her legs. For safety’s sake, she cannot ever put herself in a position where prompt, advanced medical care is not readily available.


Athletics: D6
– Gymnastics: D8
Influence: D4
– Bureaucracy: D10
Knowledge: D10
– Literature: D12
– Philosophy: D12
Perception: D6
– Empathy: D10
Melee Weapon Combat: D8
– Knives: D12
Unarmed Combat: D8


Jessica Yang

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