Jonathan Stanford, MD

Personal physician to the Yang family.



Agility: D4
Strength: D4
Vitality: D12
Alertness: D6
Intelligence: D8
Willpower: D8

Life Points: 20
Initiative: D4 + D6


Steady Calm (Minor Asset): Even the most dire medical emergencies can’t rattle the good Dr. Stanford. His level head in the midst of crisis is part of what makes him so good at what he does. Stanford gains a +2 step Attribute bonus to Willpower whenever something threatens to startle or unnerve him.

Natural Linguist (Minor Asset): Jonathan is fluent in Alliance-standard English and Mandarin, but he also has a good ear for the local dialects and mutt tongues of the outer planets. He understands the subtleties of regional idiomatic expressions and picks up the unique flavor of local speech with ease. Because of this, his Language specialties cost half as much as they would cost another player and he gains a +2 step Skill bonus to Influence and related specialties when communicating with someone in their native tongue.

Credo (Major Complication): Dr. Stanford takes his duties as a doctor seriously. He strives to “First, do no harm,” but in the complex world of modern medicine, it’s not always clear what actions constitute the prevention of harm. For example, in Aria Yang’s last months, she brought up the subject of physician-assisted suicide privately with Dr. Stanford. He struggled with the question of whether it was more humane to kill Aria or to let her suffer the long, slow, painful decline into death that Crenshaw’s Disease entails.


Influence: D10
Discipline: D8
– Concentration: D12
Medical Expertise: D8
– Internal Medicine: D10
– Surgery: D10
– Genetics: D12
Scientific Expertise: D6
– Life Sciences: D12
Linguist: D8
– Arabic: D10
– French: D10
– Russian: D10
– Spanish: D10


Jonathan Stanford, MD

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