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Welcome to the Main Wiki Page for SpaceMurder, the most hastily-named RPG in the ’Verse!

Some pages to start y’all out:

Real-Life Resources. This page collects the links to printable character sheets, info about dice rolling, the lists of possible assets, complications and skills— basically, everything you’d have access to if we were all together around a table with the Big Old Book.

In-Game Resources. This page links you to in-character info about different people and places in the game, that kind of stuff. Things like Michael Yang’s candidate info, criticisms from his political opponents, the official El Dorado site, info on various made-up diseases and technologies, etc.

And of course, the Firefly Wiki , providing more information on our game world than I have the energy to type on this wiki. I will be making up certain non-canon details about the world we play in, and all of those will be available on this wiki under In-Game Resources.

Main Page

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